How to get a Flight Attendant Job at Alaska Airlines?

How to get a Flight Attendant Job at Alaskas Airlines?
How to get a Flight Attendant Job at Alaskas Airlines?

Alaska is one of the biggest Airlines in the United States of America. Customers get a world-class travel experience with Alaska Flights. Thousands of employees work day and night to offer you the best-in-class flight experience. A lot of work goes into making a customer satisfied with their traveling experience. Alaska Airlines has a dedicated team of Flight Attendants who are polite, hardworking and strive hard to give a good experience to their passengers.

How to get a Flight Attendant Job at Alaskas Airlines?
How to get a Flight Attendant Job at Alaska Airlines?

You must the qualities that the Alaska HR team is looking for its Flight Attendants. If you like helping people and know how to give them a good experience then this job is for you. Read this article below to know what are the Requirements, Training and other details required to apply for it. The company offers a lot of Benefits to Alaska Employees as well.

Qualifications Required for Flight Attendant Jobs

Applicants who desire to work at Alaska Airlines company need to meet the below-given Qualification criteria.

  1. The applicant must be 21 years or older to apply.
  2. You must hold a high school diploma or an equivalent degree from a recognized institution.
  3. A two-year experience in customer or community service is mandatory for applying.
  4. You must hold authorization to work in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
  5. The candidate must have a height of at least 80 inches.
  6. Passing training and swimming tests are compulsory.
  7. Alaska is looking for employees who can represent their brand and values.
  8. The candidate must be a travel lover and a hardworking individual as well.

These are the basic requirements to apply for a Flight Attendant Job at Alaska Airlines. We will keep you posted if any changes are made to the hiring policy for Alaska Jobs and Careers.

Hiring Process for Flight Attendants at Alaska

Interested Applicants are asked to submit their resume and necessary documents to the HR team at Alaska. The Human Resource team evaluates all the candidates based on their resume and shortlists the ones they find good. The shortlisted candidates are called for Personal Interview rounds and a final list of candidates is made.

Alaska HR team calls and asks the candidates to collect their job offer letters and wishes a great career with them. After the candidate accepts the job offer letter, they have to undergo a 5-6 week training. Read the below part of the article to know more about the training process post-selection.

Alaska Flight Attendant Training Process

Alaska Airlines offers tuition-free intensive training programs for all the new Flight Attendants. This training includes saving lives in case of uncertain situations, how to fight fires and save lives etc. The best part about this training program is new attendants work with the existing Attendants to learn new things. Overall, the Alaska Flight Attendant Training program is one of the best offering them a great job and career experience.

This program includes:

  1.  Compulsory Training classes for Six days a week at Seattle, WA.
  2. The Alaska management will take care of the stay of the new Flight Attendees as well.

What Work will be Assigned After Training?

After going through a rigorous six days a week training for the next five to six weeks, work will be assigned to the newcomers. Initially, the new Flight Attendants will be put on a reserve which means they can be called anytime at a 2-hour notice.

New joining Attendants will also get a chance to be part of the AFA union which is the Flight Attendants Union in Alaska.

Alaska Bases

Alaska Airlines serves more than 115 destinations across the world. The new Flight attendants will be assigned their base. The flights will start and end at their base. They flight bases may change and more flexible options will come as they gain experience and seniority in the company.

Final Words

You can apply for Alaska Flight Attendant Jobs by reading the Eligibility and application process in this article. Moreover, you can also check the other Jobs at Alaska Airlines here. Comment below if you have any issues with this article. We will respond to your queries within 24-48 hours with proper solutions.


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